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Try all kinds of sports during BRESS Per4mance

4 epic days of sports! 🤩 💪

BRESS Per4mance is back with a bang! Join us from March 25th to 28th for four days of epic sports. Whether you’re a member or not, experience in-house sports and activities from BRESS and her partners like dancing, diving, golfing, laser gaming, bowling and more.

This year, we’re thrilled to announce the return of the Wheel of Fortune with fantastic prizes up for grabs.

Non-members are welcome for free to join in the fun. You only need to get a daypass at our website. Don’t miss out – mark your calendar for BRESS Per4mance and get ready for getting fit, spin and win from March 25th to 28th!


4 days of epic sports!

How can I join BRESS Per4mance?

Not a BRESS member but want to join BRESS Per4mance? 

Absolutely! Grab your free BRESS Per4mance pass (click the button below or visit the membership page). With this pass, you’ll receive unlimited credits to try out all of BRESS’s sports during BRESS Per4mance. After obtaining this free pass, simply use our BRESS app to reserve your spot for a sports class. Additionally, during BRESS Per4mance, we’re offering an exclusive deal: purchase a student annual membership only at BRESS by scanning the QR code within these 4 days and get a €10 discount on your membership! Valid only during these 4 days.

Note: The BRESS Per4mance pass is valid only during the event from 25th to 28th March 2024.

I am a member and would like to join!

As a BRESS member, joining BRESS Per4mance is a breeze! Simply use the BRESS app to book your spot for all your favorite sports – it’s that easy! Stay tuned for all the exciting sports details on this page or in the app soon. See you there!

1 week before BRESS Per4mance starts, you can book your spot for the sports you like!

Not a member? get your FREE BRESS Per4mance pass here!

SOON – The BRESS Per4mance sports schedule

Explore the BRESS Per4mance schedule soon to discover a range of sports happening from Monday to Thursday, 17:00 to 23:00. Whether you’re into longboarding, archery, a teamsport or bowling, the BRESS app has soon all the details. Don’t miss the chance to experience the diverse sports BRESS has to offer – check the schedule when it’s live, and book your spot via our app for the sports you’re super excited about! 🏐 🥊  

Not a member yet? Get a Free daypass via our website and join BRESS Per4mance!

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is Back! During the four days of BRESS Per4mance, the Wheel of Fortune will be making its triumphant return. Participate in any sport, and you’ll receive a ticket from the instructor/teacher, granting you a one-time spin on the Wheel of Fortune. So, the more sports you join, the more tickets you’ll collect, and the greater your chances of winning fabulous prizes! Don’t miss out on this opportunity – get involved in as many sports as you can!

Ready to spin and win?


How to participate?

Participation in BRESS Per4mance is as follows. As a BRESS member, you register for various sports via the BRESS app. Not a member? Then get a Free BRESS Per4mance pass on the website under the heading ‘Membership’ or the button below. This pass gives you unlimited credits with which you can try out al of our sports. After purchase, you can reserve your spot in de BRESS app! 

What sports can I expect?

During BRESS Per4mance, there are many sports to try out! Does your heart already beat faster for Lacrosse? Or do you like to be found on one of the squash courts? During this four-day event, you can do it all! There are internal sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, BBB-attack, Badminton and Pump. Besides the internal sports, there are sports from external sports partners to play such as; Lasergame, Lacrosse, Escape Room, Bowling and many more!!!

I heard there are prizes to be won?

That’s right! During BRESS Per4mance, you have the chance to win a whole bunch of cool prizes by spinning the Wheel of Fortune! You may spin the Wheel of Fortune when you have participated in one of our BRESS Per4mance sports and when you have received a ticket. 

So! Do you want to try epic sports? Then claim your spot now via the app or register first!