Try sports you've never done before!

4 epic days of sports! 🤩 💪

BRESS Per4mance is coming back!!! With an edition crazier than ever before. You don’t want to miss this.🤫

From May 22nd to 25th, BRESS and its (sports) partners will show in 4 days what BRESS has to offer in the field of sports. As a member but also non-member, you can try in-house sports as well as sports from our sports partners such as; longboarding, diving, golfing, aerial silk, jumping fitness and much more.🏌🏼‍♀️🏊🏽‍♀️🧘🏻

As you see it well. During these four days, non-members are also welcome to participate in the sports of BRESS and its partners. How to sign up? You can read more info below!

BRESS member? Reserve your spot via the BRESS app!Not a BRESS member? Buy your BRESS Per4mance ticket here!
4 days of epic sports!

How can I join BRESS Per4mance?

I am not a BRESS member but would like to participate.

Would you like to participate in BRESS Per4mance as a non BRESS member? Yes you can! To take part in this 4-day event as a non BRESS member, buy a BRESS Per4mance pas (click the button below) or on the membership page. This pass costs €5.00 and gets you 4 credits with which you can try 4 different sports during BRESS Per4mance.After you have purchased the BRESS Per4mance pass, you will receive an e-mail in your mailbox with further information. At the end you should reserve your spot for the class you want to take via the BRESS app. 1 class = 1 credit. If you run out of credits and would like to take more classes, you can take out a membership from €110 for one year.

Note: The BRESS Per4mance pass is only valid during BRESS Per4mance 22 to 25 May 2023.

Not a member? Buy your BRESS Per4mance pass here!

I am a member and would like to join!

As a BRESS member, you can participate in BRESS Per4mance the way you are used to, namely through the BRESS app! The app will soon contain all BRESS Per4mance sports, so all you have to do is register for the sport you would like to do!

I'm a BRESS member, let's go!
BRESS Per4mance

22 until 25 May 2023

Participation in BRESS Per4mance is as follows. As a BRESS member, you register for various sports via the BRESS app. Not a member? Then buy a €5.00 BRESS Per4mance pass on the website under the heading 'Membership' or the button below. This pass gives you 4 credits with which you can try out 4 sports. After purchase, you will receive more information via email on how to reserve your spot at a class.

During BRESS Per4mance, there are many sports to try out! Does your heart already beat faster for Lacrosse? Or do you like to be found on one of the squash courts? During this four-day event, you can do it all! There are internal sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, BBB-attack, HipHop, Badminton and Pump. Besides the internal sports, there are sports from external sports partners to play such as; Trampoline Jumping, Padel, Lacrosse, Padel, Bubbleball, Aerial Silk, Diving and many more!!!

Scroll further down for the programme of BRESS Per4mance 2023.

During BRESS Per4mance, you have the chance to win a whole bunch of cool prizes by spinning the Wheel of Fortune, with the main prize being a day of Kiting by the sea! Other prizes you can expect are; A 'Stadshap' from Bruxelles, A mini course of your choice at the Paaldans studio Breda, An afternoon going crazy on the Wipe Out parkours, The one and only BRESS shake cup, A free beer at our sportsbar and lots more.

I am not a BRESS member but want to participate!BRESS member? Then book your spot now via the BRESS app!

The BRESS Per4mance sports schedule

🏐 🥊 🤿 💃 See below the schedule with all the sports you can practice during the 4-day event BRESS Per4mance. Also, the sports can be found in the BRESS app. The sports will take place Monday to Thursday between 16:00 and 21:30. You can try many different sports and get a taste of the BRESS ambiance. Check out the schedule and book your spot via our BRESS app at the sports you would super like to do during BRESS Per4mance!

4 days of epic sports!

There are also crazy prizes to be won!

After you have participated in a BRESS Per4mance sport, you will receive a coupon from the instructor. With this coupon, you can spin the Wheel of Fortune. By spinning the Wheel of Fortune, you have a chance to win the most fun and epic prizes, but you can also have bad luck and go home without a prize…

If you participate in more sports, you will of course receive more coupons and have more chances to spin the wheel and therefore maybe more chances to win cool prizes including the grand prize!

Of course now you’re curious to find out what prizes can be won…. We’ll list a few for you; 1 meter of beer at Peddels, Two Wipe Out tickets, Tickets for the Lawaaipapagaai Pubquiz, Gin & Tonic at Suikerkist and lots more!!!

Last but not least, the grand prize of BRESS Per4mance 2023 is a day of Kiting by the sea with your friend!

So! Do you want to try epic sports? Then claim your spot now via the app or register first!