A 50% discount for BRESS members
Tuesday, 19:30 – 20:30
Wilderen 2, Breda

Bootcamp is group training that combines conditioning and strength exercises and takes place outdoors. During many exercises, you use your own body weight and obstacles that are present in the environment, such as benches, curbs and fences. Some exercises are done in pairs or small groups, so that you can use each other to perform certain exercises and encourage each other. Together you achieve more!

The great thing about bootcamp is that anyone can participate. Is an exercise too heavy or does it not work for you? Then don’t be afraid to talk to the trainer; he can then give you a modified exercise.


…good running shoes

…layers …clothing made of functional fabrics (preferably no cotton)

… gloves in cold weather(preferably not made of wool)

Through wind and weather…

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!

PMC provides the bootcamp from their practice. (4 minutes by bike from BRESS Sports Center). As a BRESS member you get a 50% discount on the 10-ride ticket. From €60 to €30. For more information and to purchase a ride card contact