A 30% discount on gyming lessons at ApenkooiGym
Brouwmeesterstraat 10 Breda
Our gym classes will clear your head after a long working day. The nostalgia hits so hard that you can spontaneously taste Wicky again! Each lesson consists of a warm-up, a main game and an end game. The trained masters and teachers of ApenkooiGym do everything they can to make you scream as loud as possible. Sometimes with Monkey Cages, other times with existing or self-devised games such as James Bond, the Great Water Spectacle, Super Mario Kart or one of the many variants of dodgeball. All these games are (re)invented for adults. Never childish, always with childlike fun. By exercising your laughing muscles, you hardly notice that you are doing a nice work-out.
BRESS members get a 30% discount on gym classes at ApenkooiGym Breda.How does it work?
Send a mail to with a photo of your BRESS pass. You can buy a single lesson or a strippenkaart. You can find more info about the ApenkooiGym here!