A 20,- deposit
Wednesday, 20:15 – 22:15
Raaimoeren 19 Breda

Gymnastics is an individual sport in which you do different exercises with your body and use gymnastics equipment. Flexibility, strength and fitness are very important here. Gymnastics is an Olympic sport that both men and women can do. Equipment used during gymnastics include the bridge, vault, floor, event balance beam and rack.

At Breda Gym, BRESS members are welcome to take lessons at a recreational level. Under supervision, you can improve your gymnastics technique. Both ladies and men are welcome.

BRESS-membership advantages

  • BRESS members only need to pay a deposit of €20,- which you will get back on 75% attendance on an annual basis; this is 30 out of 40 classes (normal annual cost is €185.84 + deposit)*.Please email to sign up.
* Discount only on presentation of your BRESS sports card provided with photo and expiry date.