20,- or a 20% discount
Tuesday, 21:00 – 22:00 Hiphop feminine
Gieterijstraat 8a Breda

Hip-hop is an incredibly popular dance style. The special thing about hip-hop is that there are no standard rules or techniques. As a result, the style keeps evolving and different sub-styles have emerged with influences from house, waacking, dancehall, locking and lyrical.

A sub-style made famous by Beyoncé is hip-hop feminine. It involves sexy but classy dance moves that challenge the dancer to show his/her feminine side. Heels are more than welcome at this form of hip-hop!

Thanks to a collaboration with Dance Nation Breda, BRESS members can take hip-hop and hip-hop feminine classes. With each style, the dance instructor will challenge you and boost your unique personality. Conviviality, fun and approachability are paramount, regardless of your level.

BRESS-member advantages

Once a week, Dance Nation Beda provides a free Hiphop group class on Tuesday evenings at BRESS Sportcenter. If you want to dance more often, you can do so for a fee (but with a discount!) on Wednesday evenings at Dance Nation Breda’s own location. There are then 2 options; namely receiving 20% discount on a subscription of your choice* or buying a 10-ride card via our webshop for only € 55,- (normally € 75,-)**. If you would like to purchase a subscription please contact Dance Nation Breda**.

* Bring your BRESS sports card provided with photo and expiry date to the first lesson. 
** After purchasing via the webshop, you can pick up your rides card at our reception.