A 25% discount
Gasthuisvelden 11 Breda

SUB stands for Stand Up Biking! This is a really cool outdoor experience. It will be a great experience, especially because we do so many things sitting down already. So get up, book and rent your SUB now!

We rent the latest models from ElliptiGO that are easy to use. With a short instruction, you can go out on your own and explore the surroundings of Breda. It is a solid work-out that burns at least 33% calories more than on a traditional bike. You make the usual cycling motion but without getting neck, back and saddle pain. It is a good workout for abs, buttocks and upper legs but also a great workout for your endurance.

You can use this activity as a sports work-out, but it is also a fun way to explore beautiful Breda and its surroundings, moving from place to place. This way, you make it more of a sightseeing tour and experience the city in a different way. You can go out alone but you can also join us in a group.  In short; something for everyone.

You can rent the SUB for 3 hours. Especially for BRESS members it costs €15 instead of €20.

You pick it up at the Sup&Fun start location at Gasthuisvelden 11 in Breda and you can leave right away! At the agreed time, you return the SUB to us at the starting location.

Reservations can be made via info@supenfun stating:
– first name,
– surname,
– phone number.