20,- per team (one time payment)

Wednesday, 19:30 – 23:00

BRESS Sports Center, Sports hall A and B

Futsal is an intensive sport for the true soccer fan. Every school year, BRESS hosts 2 internal competitions that offer space for 16 teams per competition. This competition is split into a main class (6-8 teams) and a First Division (6-8 teams) and they all compete for the first place in their standings. In addition, there is a battle for the BRESS Cup. The knock-out principle applies here and it is determined by drawing lots against which opponent from the Main and/or First Division a team must play.



  • Registration is required
  • All players in a team must be BRESS member and in possession of a sports card before the start of the competition. If not all players have a sports card, the team will be placed on the reserve list
  • After registering a team, it is only possible to nominate a new player via futsal@bress.nl. The coordinator must first agree before the new player can play with the team
  • Each team has a 1st team captain (and a 2nd if the 1st team captain is not available) who is responsible for informing the team A player and/or team captain can only participate in 1 team

How do I apply my team?

We would like to receive the following information by e-mail to futsal@bress.nl:

  1. Enter your team name 
  2. Details of the 1st-team captain (name, mobile and e-mail address)
  3. Details of the 2nd team captain (name, mobile and e-mail address)
  4. Correct names (first and last name) of players (min. 5* and max. 9 players)

Attention! The entry fee of €20,- must be in the possession of the coordinator before the start of the competition. The money may be handed over to Timothy himself, the BRESS reception or referee in a closed envelope with the team name, 1st or 2nd Futsal competition 21/22, attn. Timothy ‘coordinator BRESS Futsal’. Would you rather transfer the money? Send an e-mail to futsal@bress.nl to request the bank details.

Check the competition schedule and the interim scores here!
* Are you unable to form a (full) team? Send an e-mail to futsal@bress.nl and we will find out whether another team still needs players or whether there are enough individual registrations to form a team.