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Who are we…

Welcome to Competitions at BRESS, the Omnisport association of BRESS! Discover a wide range of sports, including basketball, volleyball, and badminton, and participate in competitions and tournaments full of team spirit.

Our board, led by chairman Evan Leijnse (reachable at, is ready to lead and support the association. At BRESS, we stand for Fit (Sports – Recreational/competitive – body), Fun (Enjoyment – Relaxation – Mind), and Friends (Interaction – Conviviality – Connection).

It’s important to know that at the Breda Student Omnisport Association, competitions and tournaments take place where our teams compete against external clubs. If you just want to play basketball, volleyball, or badminton, you can do so at BRESS itself with a BRESS membership. But if you’re looking for a competitive challenge, then the Breda Student Omnisport Association is the right place for you.

Join us and experience the joy of team competitions at BRESS!


Welcome to BRESS Breda, the place where basketball is more than just a game on the court. Our basketball community within the Breda Omni Sport Association goes beyond competition; it’s a friendly and enthusiastic group that comes together for both athletic and social activities. At BRESS Basketball, we invite everyone, regardless of skill level, to join our open and friendly team.

In addition to our regular BRESS Basketball activities, we also have the Basketball team of the Breda Student Omni Sport Association, where we proudly participate in the Dutch league. Here, we strive for growth and competitive success, and we hope to further expand our team in the future. Follow our adventures and discover the versatility of basketball at BRESS Breda through social media or the free app. Together, we’re building a strong and welcoming basketball community where fun and competition go hand in hand.


Dive into the world of volleyball at BRESS, where the game is not just a sport, but an exciting realm of teamwork, skills, and camaraderie. Whether you’ve been playing volleyball for years or stepping onto the court for the first time, our volleyball team welcomes everyone.

Join the training session held every Tuesday (19:30-21:00), led by our BRESS instructor, Georgie. In addition to training, we participate in tournaments across the country, promoting a strong sense of sportsmanship.

Interested in joining? Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. Take on the challenge and let your passion for volleyball run wild at BRESS!


Badminton BRESS is a club suitable for everyone. We are a social badminton club that is perfect for those who have never tried the sport, play at a competitive level, and everything in between.

We have regular sessions on Mondays (18:30-20:00) and Thursdays (19:00-20:30) at BRESS, led by our fantastic and enthusiastic coach Benjamin Walet. In addition to our club sessions, we participate in tournaments across the Netherlands, which are fun group activities, and we organize social events throughout the year.

So, if you want to join a welcoming and fun sports club, then Badminton BRESS is for you!


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