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Discover a new way to exercise together and earn rewards!

Bring a friend to BRESS and both earn extra months of sports on both your current student memberships! It’s simple: invite friends to become a student member at BRESS and receive up to 8 months of additional sports fun!

How does it works?

You can invite up to 5 friends to become BRESS Student members.

For each friend who purchased a student membership, both you and your friend receive 1 extra month of sports on both your current student membership.

Bring more friends? Rewards stack up for you to a limit of 5 friends! For every friend you bring, you get 1 extra month of sports at BRESS. With your 5th friend, your 4 earned months are doubled to 8!

To get the free months of sports, both you and the person you bring as a friend must have a year, half-year or quarterly student membership. The Try.Play.Stay (our day pass) does NOT count.

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How can I participate in this?

To participate in this action, you must have a Student membership at BRESS. As a student member, you will have access to our BRESS app. On the home page you will find a tile on which you can click and come to a registration form. You (the person who brings friends) fill out this form up to 1 week after your friend(s) take out a membership. You can fill out this form per friend or all at once.

What are you waiting for? Get your friends and let us make your sport experience at BRESS even more enjoyable!

Remember: the more friends you bring, the more fitness fun and rewards you earn!

This action is valid until 5 July!

Click here for the rules

Bring 1 friend

= 1 extra month of sports

Bring 2 friends

= 2 extra months of sports

Bring 3 friends

= 3 extra months of sports

Bring 4 friends

= 4 extra months of sports

Bring 5 friends

= 8 extra months of sports