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In 2024, students who join BRESS before February 1st will have a chance to win a trip to the sun for 2 including flight ticket, accommodation and an activity.

For this, we as BRESS do ask a little commitment from our members! From February 1 to July 31, you need to come to BRESS at least once a week to exercise. This can be anything: fitness, a group class or team sports in the sports hall. As long as you check in at the front office so we can register you. The motivated members who keep this up will qualify for the trip to the sun!

Every student member automatically joins this challenge starting February 1. After that, it is up to you to actually stick with it and make sure you check in properly. Week 1 is a half week so we won’t be as strict yet. As of week 2 we will be! We will keep you informed via our social media channels and the BRESS app about who else is participating. The winner will be announced in early August and the trip will take place during the autumn break.

Check here if you are still in for the vacation to the sun

Check here to see if you’re still in the running for the sun vacation!

Click the button below and check if you’re still in the running for the vacation to the sun in the autumn break 2024.

The list consists of personal numbers (you have received them through the mail), by pressing CRTL+F or CMD+F you can enter your personal number and see if you are in the list.

Check eligibility for the sun vacation!