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BRESS Sports Center, Dr. Schaepmanlaan 4 Breda

Running is the fastest-growing branch of athletics in the Netherlands. Within this sport, there are various running and walking groups, for example competition-oriented running groups, trailrunning, bootcamp training and Nordic walking groups.

Running at AV SPRINT
BRESS members can join Atletiekvereniging SPRINT and participate in the various running sports offered by AV SPRINT. The training sessions are aimed at improving or maintaining fitness or as a stepping stone to competitive sport. One thing they all have in common is having fun! Check out the schedules of the Running Teams and Recreational Running Groups Recreational running groups.

Running at BRESS
Sprint in Brabantpark (part of AV SPRINT) has a running group that starts twice a week from the BRESS Sports Centre. Participation is completely voluntary, but it is of course a nice extra motivation when you can train towards something, such as the Bredase Singelloop.

Tip: Make sure you have comfortable running shoes and wear functional clothing in layers.

BRESS-membership advantages

BRESS members can take advantage of the guest member discount and thus receive 50% discount per quarter. As a result, membership costs €23 per quarter (normally €46)*. There is a one-off registration fee of € 18 for the first term. You can register via the registration form on the AV Sprint website. Any questions? Then send an e-mail to  .

* Discount only on presentation of your BRESS sports card provided with photo and expiry date.