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BRESS Sports Center, Dance Studio 1

Yoga gives strength, flexibility, better emotional balance and releases stiffness and tension. The classes taught by our instructor consist of a combination of power and relaxation yoga.

This starts with Tai Chi, where you take a moment to be still with yourself (mindfull) and observe your body, heart and mind without judgement. This is followed by light, gentle exercises to loosen you up and warm you up.

The core of the class consists of performing powerful poses such as sun salutations, standing poses, arm balances, twists and inversions such as the shoulder stand, headstand and handstand, all with dedicated and relaxed breathing. This keeps you focused and relaxed. The energy released heals you mentally and physically.

Finally, there is a relaxation exercise and you go with your attention to the different parts of your body. Can you see your thoughts passing by without doing anything with them? Just relax!

Yoga mats are provided but you may also bring your own.