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Zuringveld 1, Teteringen

Capoeira is practiced on bare feet

Our group is called Batuque Capoeira Holland, founded in 1995 by mestre Vladimir Frama (from Ceara, Brazil). In twenty-five years, Batuque Capoeira has grown into a dynamic and professional group with a passion for Capoeira and Brazilian culture.

Capoeira has its own logic and unique body language. Two players challenge each other in a circle of fellow players making music: the roda. A smooth attack, usually a turn kick, is evaded by ducking away or turning with it. Through clever and creative play, the opponent can eventually be trapped, swept under or hit with control. Acrobatics make the game even more beautiful and spectacular.

The music gives energy and direction to the two players who challenge each other in the middle of the circle. Main instruments are the berimbau, an African bowed instrument with one string and a gourd as its sound box; the atabaque, a large drum; the pandeiro, a tambourine, and the agogo, a double bell. The songs sung in the circle are often about the game, life wisdom, old masters, the slave era, and Brazil. Many songs have a poetic or philosophical slant and a double bottom line.

Capoeira gives us freedom of movement, physical challenge, music, lots of energy, and a philosophy of life. The purpose of the circle is to create a positive energetic atmosphere with the whole group where all players can show their best side. Flexibility is the great strength of Capoeira.

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