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BRESS Sports Center, Outdoor 1, meeting point: entrance BRESS

Hockey, a ball sport that uses a stick to play the ball across, shoot at goal or take it away from the opponent.

Every hockey training session has something to offer both the beginner and the advanced hockey player. As a beginner, you will learn all the basic techniques step by step. For more advanced hockey players, more attention is paid to improving technique through various exercises. Training sessions at BRESS always end with a friendly match and often a drink together. If this sounds good to you, hockey is the sport for you.

During the outdoor season we play on B.H.V. Push pitch 5, but you have to check in at the BRESS reception before the training because of your check-in ticket. After this, you can walk to the pitch together with other BRESS members or independently. Materials are provided during training. If you prefer to use your own hockey stick, you are of course welcome to do so.

Indoor & outdoor hockey

– Outdoor season (B.H.V. Push field 5): September until November and March until June
– Indoor season (BRESS Sports hall): November until February