A 10% discount

Saturday, 12:30

Stoutenburgstraat 28 Breda

Judo is an originally Japanese selfdefense art designed by Jigoro Kano around 1882. From Jiu Jitsu, Jigoro selected a number of techniques that could eliminate the opponent without seriously injuring him in the process.Norms and values, respect, self-control and cooperation are central when practising judo.

Judo has since grown into a sport practised worldwide, including at Olympic sport level. Advantages of practising Judo are that it gives you more self-confidence, you learn to stand up for yourself and you keep in shape.

One of Jigoro’s most important sayings is: “You can only learn judo by doing it” and as a BRESS member you can judo at Judovereniging Baronie in the municipal gym. Super chill by the way; you can take as many as 3(!) trial lessons to see if judo is the sport for you.

BRESS-membership advantages

BRESS members are entitled to 3 free trial lessons. If after this you are enthusiastic and decide to become a member, you will receive a 10% discount on the normal subscription structure*. The season runs from September and the membership fee is €180 + a one-time registration fee of €5. BRESS members will therefore receive 18,- discount in membership fee + the one-time registration fee. Judokas who join later in the season pay a proportional contribution. BRESS members may use the available judo uniforms, but this is (logically) only during the trial lessons, so after 3 trial lessons and with the intention to become a member of our association a judo uniform must be purchased.

*Korting enkel op vertoon van je BRESS sportkaart voorzien van foto en vervaldatum.