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Sportpark ‘t kadijkje, Bastenakenstraat 41, 4826 LJ Breda

Are you already familiar with Lacrosse? Besides ice hockey, this is the sport of choice in Canada. This sport can be played in both contact and non-contact versions. The contact variant of lacrosse is seen as a mixture of basketball, American football and ice hockey (including physical contact) while the contact-poor variant of lacrosse is compared to hockey where the ball is moved through the air

All players have a stick, the ‘crosse’, with a net at the end that is used to throw, catch and scoop the ball off the ground. The stick is also used in defence to stop the ball or to ‘check’ the opposition. Checking is done by hitting the top of the opponent’s stick with the ball with the stick. This ball is made of hard rubber and is the size of a tennis ball. The aim of the game is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal using the stick. Each goal scores one point.


Breda Bigfoots Lacrosse is the sports club where BRESS members should be when they want to play lacrosse.


BRESS-membership advantages

Playing lacrosse at Bigfoots Lacrosse is offered to BRESS members* for as little as €120 per year (including participation in regional Grassroots Lacrosse meet-ups). Materials can be rented from September 2022 for a reasonable price of € 50,- for the protective gear (+€ 50,- deposit).

Sticks are sold for only € 55. BRESS members receive a free mouth guard**

Register via the registration form on the website and indicate that you are a student to get the benefit.

* Bring your BRESS sports card with photo and expiry date to the first training session.
 ** As a BRESS member, you will receive a free bit when you show on location, by presenting a valid BRESS Sports Card (provided with photo and expiry date), that you are a BRESS member.