15,- discount per 12 weeks

Visserstraat 5 Breda

Zouk means ‘party’ in French Creole and is a music genre from the French Antilles. The dance Zouk is as cheerful as the music and emerged in the 1960s in the Caribbean islands. Zouk has also become popular in Brazil, but under the name Kizomba. The dance offers a lot of room for variation and creativity and the brisk-chic (slow-quick-quick) tempo makes it very elegant. The men lead and determine the order of the figures. The women make movements with their heads that make their hair swing in the air.
During the Zouk lessons (given in Club Cue Breda) by Adam and Claudia from ZoukMotion Breda  you learn the basic movements and different combinations. The gentlemen learn to lead with feeling techniques and to make use of the music. The ladies learn various styling, cambré and head movement techniques.
In class you dance alone and with a partner. It is not necessary to bring a partner if you want to participate in this class. During the class you change partners regularly so that you dance with everyone. Sign up quickly for a free trial lesson and join the dance!

BRESS-membership advantages

BRESS members receive an extra BRESS discount on top of the student discount that ZoukMotion already offers; As a result, 10 lessons cost only €80 (normally €95)*.
* Take your BRESS sports card with photo and expiry date to the first dance class.